That figure includes 130 full-time employees and an additional 190 people who worked on the company’s German localization team.

February 5

Nintendo of Europe is cutting around 320 jobs, the company has confirmed. This includes the 130 full-time staff confirmed to be on the way out back in June, and an additional 190 people who worked out of the company’s Germany-based localization office. The cuts were confirmed to Kotaku today. The site points out that, though […]

Three Kingdoms China meets Sengoku Japan in this fan-service-powered snooze fest.

February 2

If the Dynasty Warriors franchise is to be commended for anything, it should be for its utter unwillingness to evolve–it has absolutely perfected the art of remaining static in a landscape of constant flux. Warriors Orochi continues this long and dubious practice by melding the worlds of Dynasty Warriors with its Japanese offshoot Samurai Warriors, […]

The longtime rivalry between America’s biggest auto manufacturers is poorly represented in this lackluster budget racer.

January 31

Ali versus Frazier, the Allies versus the Third Reich, Superman versus Lex Luthor, Wolfmen versus Unicorns; these are just some of the epic battles our world has seen. Ford vs. Chevy? Not quite so epic, really. Yes, discussing preference of one of North America’s biggest auto manufacturers over another is likely to spark some heated […]

Developers of The Witcher 3 announced a new role-playing game in the style of Thief with elements of parkour

January 30
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Former employees of CD Projekt, founded their own studio called Fool’s Theory, announced their first project. The new game called Seven, is a three-dimensional isometric role-playing game in the style of Thief in the nonlinear sandbox world. Players are invited to try themselves as a “lonely wanderer.” The gameplay will please fans of the classic […]

Evolution Studios outlines all the new content coming to the PlayStation 4 racing game this month.

January 30

Developer Evolution Studios on Thursday released a new trailer for PlayStation 4 racing game Driveclub that outlines all the new content coming to the title through this month’s update. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect when the update rolls out on March 24. Free car: Peugeot Onyx Concept The Lamborghini Expansion Pack: Comes with […]

Shot selection.

January 29

Blizzard’s big surprise at this year’s Blizzcon was the announcement of Overwatch, a new class-based multiplayer shooter. While there are plenty more details to be unveiled about the game, Blizzard did show off 12 of the heroes you’ll be able to play when the game is eventually released, with every character in Overwatch featuring its […]